Bath Care Products to Optimize Bath Safety


Bathrooms have slippery surfaces and sharp corners that can be dangerous to people with physical limitations, illnesses, or surgery recovery. With bath care aids and products, you can prevent falls and trips, and other untoward incidents that can happen inside the bathroom.

Installing a grab bar and bathtub rails can provide balance assistance and avoid catastrophic falls or slips. When you’re having problems stepping in or out of a tube, a transfer bench allows you to sit down, scoot in and out, and stand back up. It minimizes the risk of injury. For individuals with limited mobility who use wheelchairs, transfer boards and safety rails surrounding the toilet are helpful in maneuvering in the bathroom.

If you are unable to stand for long due to surgery recovery and physical limitations, a shower chair and stool will provide you with the support you need. Non-slip mats also decrease the risk of slipping. Bathroom medical supplies are essential in keeping your trips in the bathroom safe and free of hazards.

For people with mobility needs, Global United Medical Supplies, Inc. provides you with the equipment and supplies you need at home. Our medical supply store in Brooklyn, New York, brings a wide variety of bathroom supplies that promotes bathroom safety to avoid the risk of injury and falls.

Should you need our medical equipment supplies in New York, you can visit our store or contact us for more information.

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