How to Assist Mobility-Impaired Patients with Hygiene


Physically challenged patients deal with different challenges every day. Most of these are brought about by their impaired mobility. This is why most of them are dependent on medical equipment supplies in New York. What seems so easy for other people to do can already be daunting for them. Even worse, their impaired physical functions leave them at greater risk for accidents and health complications.

It is safe to say that most mobility-impaired patients find it a little too challenging to look after themselves. Leaving them on their own may not be ideal for their health and safety. There is a huge tendency that they will encounter various health problems. Leaving them to do bath care and other personal care tasks by themselves is hazardous for them.

Mobility-impaired patients require assistance from others as much as possible. Other than health professionals, families, and friends are also people whom they can rely on. Their companionship and supervision mean a lot to patients. Patients’ loved ones’ lack of formal healthcare training shouldn’t hinder them from being able to assist their loved ones properly.

Did you ever have to assist someone else in observing personal hygiene?

Below is a list of guidelines that you should keep in mind:

  • Make the patient feel relaxed by earning his/her trust
  • Use high-quality continence care and other medical supplies
  • Prepare clothing that can be used as a cover-up
  • Make sure that the bathroom floor isn’t slippery
  • Check the water temperature beforehand

Ensure the patient’s safety and comfort by following these tips!

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