Spare Parts for Wheelchairs: What You Need to Know


Wheelchairs are vital mobility devices that enable individuals with disabilities to participate in daily activities and community life but, delays in repairs are unfortunately common. Knowing what spare parts you will likely need to replace or upgrade can help repair and maintain your medical equipment. Likewise, here are the spare parts you need to have on hand to keep your wheelchair in excellent condition:

  • Armests and Footrests

    While these may seem like small wheelchair accessories, they play a key role in overall comfort and positioning. Worn or damaged armrest pads can lead to uncomfortable pressure points. Footrests should also be regularly checked for optimal long-term support.

  • Cushions and Backrests

    Posture and comfort are crucial for wheelchair users. Over time, cushions can degrade, which lessens support and potentially causes pain. Regularly updating cushions and backrests is crucial to avoid pressure sores and should be part of your medical supplies at home.

  • Wheels and Tires

    A smooth ride begins with high-quality wheels. Wheelchair wheels are typically air-filled (pneumatic) or solid (urethane). The former offers a softer wire while the latter is less prone to flats and requires less maintenance. To maintain medical equipment supplies in New York, keep a supply of spare tires and puncture repair kits to deal with unexpected issues.

  • Brakes and Brake Components

    Functioning brakes are a non-negotiable factor of wheelchair safety. Regularly check for signs of wear or failure and maintain brake parts to promote reliable performance. Keep spare brakes and comments handy to address issues before they become serious safety risks.

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