Steps to Take Before Using a Blood Sugar Test Kit


Everyone should keep various medical equipment at home, like blood glucose testing kits and blood pressure measuring apparatuses. Monitoring devices like these can help you and your family monitor your health regularly to reduce the risk of hypertension and diabetes.

Our medical supply store in Brooklyn, New York, provides these supplies. Before using equipment like a blood sugar testing kit, here are a few steps to take for more accurate results:

  • Remember to Fast if You Are Testing for Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

    Nutrients in food and drink enter your bloodstream and can affect the results of your blood sugar tests. If you eat before your blood sugar test, your blood sugar will probably be higher in most cases. Experts recommend fasting for at least 12 hours before home health supplies like blood sugar.

  • Always Wash Your Hands Before Testing

    Medical supplies like blood sugar testing kits may require you to draw a drop of blood from your finger. Always wash your hands before using the kit to prevent germs from entering your body after testing.

  • Remember to Consult Your Doctor When You Should Take Your Test

    Your doctor might recommend you take your test at different times throughout the day. Notable examples include right after waking up, before eating, and two hours after a meal.

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