Ultimate Guide: Manual vs. Electric Wheelchairs


Choosing the right wheelchair is a big decision. It’s about finding the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle, whether you’re cruising the boardwalk or navigating tight spaces indoors. So, how do you decide between a manual wheelchair and an electric wheelchair? Let’s break it down.

These classic wheelchairs are powered by you!  They offer a low-maintenance option and a great way to stay active.  Manual wheelchairs are also lightweight and portable, making them ideal for those who frequently travel or need to maneuver through tight spaces. If you have upper body strength and enjoy staying active, a manual wheelchair could be a perfect match.  Global United Medical Supplies, Inc., a trusted medical supply store in Brooklyn, New York, offers a wide range of manual wheelchairs with features like adjustable components for ultimate comfort and maneuverability.

Electric wheelchairs provide a motorized option for those who may require assistance with maneuvering or have limited upper body strength. With a joystick control, electric wheelchairs offer increased independence and the ability to travel longer distances with less effort.  They come in various configurations, including heavy-duty options for larger individuals.  Medical equipment supplies in New York, like Global  United  Medical, can help you find the right electric wheelchair to meet your specific needs.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide:

  • Activity Level: Manual wheelchairs are ideal for active users, while electric wheelchairs are better suited for those needing assistance with movement.
  • Terrain: Manual wheelchairs work well on smooth surfaces, while electric wheelchairs can handle rougher terrain.
  • Range: Electric wheelchairs offer greater range and endurance compared to manual wheelchairs.
  • Strength: Manual wheelchairs require upper body strength for propulsion, while electric wheelchairs do not.
  • Lifestyle: Consider your daily activities and how the wheelchair will be used.

Still unsure which type of wheelchair is right for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and help you find the perfect medical supplies to meet your needs, including both manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs.

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