What to Consider When Buying a Manual Wheelchair

Manual wheelchairs provide a comfortable ride and are intended for primary or intermittent self-propulsion. They come in a variety of configurations, require little space, and are cost-effective with little maintenance. As with any medical equipment supplies in New York, there are several factors you need to consider before purchasing a manual wheelchair, such as:

  • Adequate arm and footrests.
    Before settling on a manual wheelchair, sit down and try the footrests and arm pads. Check if they are sturdy and secure before placing your weight on them. Some pads have the capability of swinging out of the way for easy access in and out of the chair.
  • Ease of transportation and storage.
    Another important consideration when it comes to medical supplies is ease of transportation. The wheelchair should fit into your vehicle and is lightweight enough to pick up and fold. If you plan on using the wheelchair occasionally, you will need to have enough storage space too.
  • Size and dimensions.
    When choosing a wheelchair for home health supplies, make sure it fits you. If the chair is too big or small, it will be uncomfortable and affect your mobility. The right size chair depends on your weight, height, and age. Wheelchairs also have various weight restrictions, so be sure to check the limits before making the purchase.
  • Back support and wheel durability.
    Comfortable wheelchair backrests make all the difference, especially when you’re using the wheelchair for extended periods. Moreover, the chair you use should have durable wheels that can function on multiple types of surfaces.

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