Wheelchair Maintenance Matters for One’s Safety


“Wheelchairs enable millions of Americans with mobility limitations to engage in daily activities and communal life,” says Dr. Lisa I. Iezzoni, a Harvard professor of medicine, “And we know that this improves physical and mental health, as well as the general quality of life.”

Wheelchairs should be appropriate for your lifestyle and medical needs. Choosing a wheelchair that is durable, safe, and dependable will provide you with the support and seating you need to achieve your goals and meet your functional needs. However, even with their functionality and support, wheelchairs can sustain damage that is difficult to repair if left unnoticed.

Broken pavement, insufficient curb cuts or soft ground, steep inclines, and severe weather, and poor wheelchair design are virtually probable factors.

As a result, Global United Medical Supplies, Inc. wishes to stress the importance of quick wheelchair repairs. It not only puts the user at risk, but wheelchair repairs might be prohibitively expensive. According to surveys, out-of-pocket repair costs ranged from $50 to $620, with repairs taking two to 17 days on average. These statistics alone highlight the importance of timely maintenance for assistive equipment in order to keep our loved ones from becoming stranded at home or in bed.

Our medical supply store in Brooklyn, New York, provides quality and durable medical equipment and supplies to ensure that your loved one’s wheelchairs are used and maintained properly. We do not only provide proper mobility devices for the elderly but also for children and individuals with impairments.

Our medical equipment supplies in New York can help not only our clients but also the functionality and durability of their assistive devices.

For more information, please contact our medical supplies experts at any time!

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