Your General Care Guide for Medical Equipment


There’s no denying that high-quality home health supplies are essential in every home as they help monitor and improve a patient’s health. However, they tend to be costly and can even be hard to find. Because of that, proper application and care are necessary for medical supplies to serve their purpose and prolong their efficiency for a reasonable period.

Even with adequate testing and proper management, you will still experience technical failure with any medical equipment supplies in New York. Replacements and upgrades are inevitable. Regardless, it’s important to care for our medical devices to make sure they’re safe and can provide the required level of service for as long as possible.

Here are some maintenance tips to help preserve the value and ensure the longevity of your medical equipment at home.

Make a habit of checking your devices before every use. Take note of subtle malfunctions so you may look for solutions and seek repair promptly.

Follow manufacturer guidelines in using, cleaning, and storing your devices. Pay attention to disposal instructions as well

Moving parts of manual wheelchairs and filters may need frequent replacements or refills for smooth operation. Make sure to use the right lubricants, reagents, and other consumables for your devices.

Electronic medical devices should have their batteries periodically charged and replaced. Turn off devices after use to extend their battery lifespan.

Keep the contact details of your go-to medical supply store in Brooklyn, New York, or a third-party technician to provide you with high-quality maintenance services when needed.

If all else fails, you can count on Global United Medical Supplies, Inc. to provide you with convenient, durable, and high-caliber healthcare supplies. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff for any questions and clarifications.

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